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Postby Darksider » May 18th 2016, 9:31am ... -ssa287k1/


I am a watch lover. I collect watches as a hobby and have many brands of watches in my collection which include modern and vintage from many makers. I love both quartz and mechanical movement watches.

Quartz for their accuracy and easy of maintenance, mechanical for their durability and complexities.

Seiko i one of my favorite due to its affordability and availabilities. Seiko is also a norm in the modding industries which many custom parts and custom watches are constantly being made.

I love modding for its customization and unique one-of-a-kind timepiece.

In the course of maintaining my collection and modding, i have purchased many original and replacement parts. Broken watches and broken movement are also a source as some parts are no longer available. (Note ! all watches needs maintenance ! Quartz or Mechanical !)

Some time these purchases are for JUST one small part that i need. Or a requirement for Min-Order-Qty basis. That means i will need to buy 50-100 pcs ! Just for 1-2 pcs that i need !

So i created this blog to resell them. Some of these are excess parts that i may no-longer needed them, some (like hands, gasket….etc) are new which i would like to share with other hobbyist like me.

Shipping is an expensive affair for sending these items but i have no choice as its needed in order to ship them to you. I am sure you understand.

Anyway, if there is any queries. Please do not hesitate to contact me @

Thanks for reading my blog !


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