WURW Sunday 7/30/2017

Re: WURW Sunday 7/30/2017

Postby biglove » July 30th 2017, 3:58pm

abduksion wrote:
biglove wrote:It is brown, Kevin. Full sunlight plays with the colors quite nicely.

Thanks looks really nice with that color.

Many thanks.
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Re: WURW Sunday 7/30/2017

Postby tiktok » July 30th 2017, 8:14pm

I'm blown away by the quality for price and the artistry of "aging".


The 2801 is a very smooth movement, higher beat and smaller than Unitas but I also love the Peseux 7001 and some reworked NOS Schilds. Can't find the pic.
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Re: WURW Sunday 7/30/2017

Postby bedlam » July 30th 2017, 9:56pm

smellody wrote:Victorinox

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