‘Underwater Nightclub’ Ad for Technomarine

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Re: ‘Underwater Nightclub’ Ad for Technomarine

Postby Hawk » April 22nd 2016, 9:51am

Ever have the desire to sip drinks in an underwater nightclub? You’ll have to wait a while longer, because this video for Swiss luxury watch company TechnoMarine is totally fake. Unfortunately.

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Re: ‘Underwater Nightclub’ Ad for Technomarine

Postby TemerityB » April 22nd 2016, 12:17pm

Of course, that's pre-LaDingo Technomarine. His idea of a classy ad would be six bikini-clad Florida crack whores Jonesing for a fix ... uh, models, lounging on a diving board wearing Chinese POS. He's the only "advertiser" in the lower 48 who can make basically naked females looks about as sexy as Edgar Buchanan.
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