Moki and Case pocket knives

Moki and Case pocket knives

Postby Wasp » January 23rd 2015, 7:30am

Two well made pocket knives. The Moki Pliant Arrow blade has martial potential. The Case blade it utilitarian. The point on the Case Copperlock Abalone is well rounded and with a purposeful thrust it will skewer an apple off of a fruit plate. Don’t try to pick a splinter out with it.
I ordered a couple of pocket slips. Knife goes in the same pocket as my silver dollar money clip. Neither feels right in a different pocket. In the interim I am using a nylon sheath from a small Mag light. At only 1.5 inches wide it pocket carries small. This particular nylon has an interesting feature. After I cut off the belt loop I thermally sealed the rough edge with low heat. The nylon remained malleable at a reasonably low temperature to the point that I smoothed off the now melted material with a bare fingertip. Most pocket slips for 4” pocket knives are quite a bit wider and a bit cumbersome in a front pocket. I just might keep using the repurposed Mag sheath.
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