It's Merm time!

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It's Merm time!

Postby TemerityB » April 25th 2017, 7:59pm

And right now AAMOF. Be there, or miss out - they're hawkin' those gold cufflinks again!
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Re: It's Merm time!

Postby abduksion » April 25th 2017, 8:48pm

I own two Croton's no complaints that's all.
I've never felt like I truly belonged here and I believe it's time I move on.
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Re: It's Merm time!

Postby conjurer » April 25th 2017, 8:49pm

The Balliamo! The phone lines are on fy-are!! are a ray of sunshine here.

--pacerguy, tonguing Jawbone's distended ballsack, at WITless.

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