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Halda Watch Space Module

Postby koimaster » September 1st 2016, 11:34pm

You can only do so much testing on earth. Sooner or later you have to try it out in its designa­ted environment. A space mission is the result of many years in planning and preparation. From the moment of lift-off, time is the most precious commodity and every single second is a vital measurement used to its fullest. The only time the astronaut is not working is when he or she is asleep, providing the Halda prototype countless opportunities to show its worth.

So, when the crew of STS-128 returned to earth, we were eager to evaluate the data and feedback. The prototype had performed better than expected. It accurately counted MET, kept the different earth times, measured G-Forces and counted particles. The Halda prototype was a gem to have in space. We also received invaluable feedback on a few key areas we could improve upon. From lift-off to touch down, the following improvements have been made as a direct result of the mission.

http://www.haldasweden.com/space-discov ... ce-module/


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