WatchTime Tests the Apple Watch

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WatchTime Tests the Apple Watch

Postby koimaster » November 10th 2015, 9:59am

In this feature from the upcoming November-December issue of WatchTime, on sale November 17, timepiece tester Jens Koch, from WatchTime’s German sister publication Chronos, reveals what he likes, and doesn’t, about the world’s most famous watch.

An unobtrusive sound and a gentle throbbing against my wrist attract my gaze to my Apple Watch. It’s telling me I’ve been sitting long enough and it’s time to stand up from my desk. The command “Get up and exercise for one minute” appears on the little screen. So I rise from my chair, walk to the kitchen and grab a cup of coffee. While I’m looking out the window, the watch throbs again to remind me that I can spend the next hour sitting. One of three concentric rings on the watch’s screen fills partially with color to show that I’ve complied with the watch’s orders.

Another of the rings tracks my performance on another fitness front: whether I’m getting the recommended half-hour a day of moderate-to-strenuous exercise (brisk walking qualifies). The third and final ring fills with color after I’ve burned my quota of calories that day (I decide how many that is).

Each time I achieve one or more of my fitness goals, I earn awards and receive motivating messages. These could prompt some people to get more exercise and thus adopt a healthier lifestyle, so these functions could be genuinely useful and helpful, even if your motivation begins to wane after a few weeks of digitally enhanced self-discipline. ... 728bd6f117


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Re: WatchTime Tests the Apple Watch

Postby conjurer » November 10th 2015, 10:41am

Watchtime, like REL Adams, never met a free, manufacturer-supplied watch it didn't like. are a ray of sunshine here.

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