Tremendous Outpouring of Generosity...

Tremendous Outpouring of Generosity...

Postby conjurer » October 17th 2015, 8:07pm

...from the haterz on this forum for the upcoming Shriner's auctions. I've got twenty watches already, with more coming in. Also some other interesting things which will be revealed shortly. While this is naturally a fine thing, which makes me proud to be a Lord, I'm afraid I'm going to be awash in watches like a Geek or a WITless pretty quickly (the difference being these are fine and interesting watches, not garbage like those morons hoard). Due to this, and the fact that come December I'm going to have zero time, I'll have to ask for no further donations for the time being--apart from those members I've already been in contact with. If I've already PM'd you back about your donation, please send them in at your convenience.

Also, at least one member wishes to send me pics of his watches for the auction, which I'll post with his descriptions, and he will send the watches to the winners with me collecting the funds to forward to the Shriners. Another member wishes to put up a couple of pieces, with the proceeds going for the upkeep of the forum. When these come up, I'll of course put in the details with each auction.

A request to all members who have or are about to send in donations--please PM me with instructions on whether or not you wish to be credited with the donations in the various auction threads, or wish to remain anonymous. I will follow your instructions to the letter.

Again, I'd like to thank all the members here who have donated, bid, provided feedback, bumped, or otherwise helped make these auctions a great success; there are a lot of moving parts in these things, and the fact that they all go smoothly is somewhat humbling.

Thanks much, Lords and Ladies.
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Re: Tremendous Outpouring of Generosity...

Postby Racer-X » October 17th 2015, 8:34pm

Becoming a great tradition here.
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Re: Tremendous Outpouring of Generosity...

Postby Tzimisces » October 17th 2015, 8:35pm

I'm warning you with peace and love...
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Re: Tremendous Outpouring of Generosity...

Postby biglove » October 17th 2015, 8:37pm

Hater planks for the win!
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Re: Tremendous Outpouring of Generosity...

Postby TemerityB » October 17th 2015, 9:45pm

Fun stuff. You guys rock.
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