US-Based Watch Companies

Watch brands with roots in North America

US-Based Watch Companies

Postby koimaster » July 5th 2016, 5:50pm

To celebrate Independence Day, iW presents a selection of United States-based watch companies. Some produce their watches on American soil, while some host minimal production in America. Either way, these companies are boosting the 240-year old country’s horological reputation around the world. ... ign=buffer

Montana watch company is not on the list. KPM watch company in Sisters Oregon.


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Re: US-Based Watch Companies

Postby conjurer » July 5th 2016, 6:30pm

The only thing Stan Betosh makes in the United States is money from the simps.
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Re: US-Based Watch Companies

Postby TemerityB » July 5th 2016, 7:17pm

conjurer wrote:The only thing Stan Betosh makes in the United States is money from the simps.

Damn Skippy. Air Blue...those fucking things are Sturhling Originals with a different imprint. Commoners.
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Re: US-Based Watch Companies

Postby Falstaff » July 6th 2016, 8:32am

U.S. based watch companies? That's just sad.
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