A Brief Explanation: The Regatta Function

A Brief Explanation: The Regatta Function

Postby Racer-X » August 28th 2017, 3:39pm

by Anna Wu-Chauvineau "The Regatta Timer evokes a number of things. Salt water of the Atlantic, sailing races taking off, elegant, crossing the grey ocean waves, a brisk wind from the Bermuda coast, the squawking of seagulls watching you from above, suits completely wet and the breath we hold when a boat capsizes.

But beyond this pretty picture, the function itself remains too often unknown by common mortals. Only a number of bearded die-hard sailors, with faces marked by the whipping gusts of salty air after all the time spent at sea, still know how to work the Regatta Timer. It’s time to review the situation."

Article at Les Rhabileurs

Credit Les Rhabileurs
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Re: A Brief Explanation: The Regatta Function

Postby foghorn » August 28th 2017, 4:18pm

Bearded die hard sailors don't give a rats ass about regatta timers.
Neck bearded,ascot wearing , Newport summering, Aussie wannbe , Big brother watching, Rolex wearing,Sperry Gold Cup loving, vaping ,posers do though. ARRrrrr.............

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Re: A Brief Explanation: The Regatta Function

Postby Wasp » August 29th 2017, 6:17am

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Re: A Brief Explanation: The Regatta Function

Postby Falstaff » August 29th 2017, 8:57am

The Commodore would be appalled. Anyone who doesn't know how a regatta timer works deserves to be drummed out of the yacht club.
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