AAN High end watch sale, anyone tune in?

AAN High end watch sale, anyone tune in?

Postby Wasp » August 18th 2017, 6:44am

Aired last night

The watches are authentic. 100% original...? The Rollies I would guess maybe not. Usually any positive selling point is mentioned at least once. Out of the dozen Rolex that a saw auctioned only 1 was mentioned as 100% original. Some that I saw go for what I thought was a good price. Ladies 18k/SS DateJust 2600, Ladies SS DateJust 1300, Mens SS black dial (looked like an AirKing) 1600. Vacheron Constantin 18K mens quartz 4600, Vacheron Constantin 18k. auto on strap 5000. Audemars Piguet 18KW mens on strap 1800. A few diamond bezel 18K/SS ladies Datejusts 2800.

I am as close to the sell prices as memory allows. The next time they do this and start at zero dollars I will take notes. I must admit I was on the edge of my seat with what some of these sold for.

They sold many quality watches. The auctioneer kept whining that he is loosing money. I don't know if they will start these auctions at zero dollars anymore. If they do it might just be something to tune into. If I needed a Rolex I would have probably bought one last night.

The one low light was when the host teased about a half dozen times "A Daytona is coming up" 20 minutes later here it is....a fucking yellow box with a speedway, for fucks sake. I could not watch and surfed. I have noticed in the past that during the high end watch show that they will slip in an invictaish watch. The one that caught my attention was a particular watch make, ICE. I instantly saw that it was fluff. Retailed at $995. I believe that he sold one for $169.
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